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A former organ scholar of St Patrick's Cathedral and Trinity College Dublin, David Adams studied in Freiburg (with Ludwig Doerr) and Amsterdam (with Piet Kee and Ewald Kooiman), winning prizes at international competitions in Speyer, Lüneburg, Dublin and Bruges. Since his début recital at St Paul's Cathedral, London at the age of sixteen, he has performed throughout Ireland, the United Kingdom and Europe, and is a regular guest at major international festivals. He has premiered many new works, including numerous compositions written especially for him. In addition to a solo CD recorded on the organs of Trinity College and a CD entitled Irish Contemporary Organ Music recorded at the National Concert Hall, David has appeared on the Naxos, Black Box and Wergo labels. In 2007 he was awarded a PhD from the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam for his work on Max Reger and Karl Straube. David now lectures at the Royal Irish Academy of Music and is organist of Christ Church, Taney and St Nahi's in Dublin.

Charles-Marie Widor (1844-1937)

from Symphony no.1, op.13

- Marche Pontificale

Alberto Ginastera (1916-1983)

Variazioni e toccata sopra 'Aurora lucis rutilat', op.52

- 1. Maestoso

- 2. Tempo giusto

- 3. Impetuoso, l'istesso tempo

- 4. Vivacissimo

- 5. L'istesso tempo

- 6. L'istesso tempo

- 7. Sereno

Mauricio Kagel (1931-2008)     

from Rrrrrrr...

- Raga

- Rosalie

Astor Piazzolla (1921-1992)

Muerte del Angel, arr. Andrew Johnstone

A. Ginastera

Variazioni e toccata sopra 'Aurora lucis rutilat', op.52 (cont'd)

- 8. Estatico

- 9. Quasi allegretto

- 10. Pastorale

- 11. Andantino poetico

- 12. Lento

Enrico Bossi (1861-1925)

Scherzo in G minor, op.49 no.2

Girolamo Frescobaldi (1583-1643)

from Toccate e Partite d'Intavolatura, Libro 1 (1637 revision)

- Capriccio sopra la battaglia

M. Kagel

from Rrrrrrr...

- Ragtime-Waltz

A. Ginastera

Variazioni e toccata sopra 'Aurora lucis rutilat', op.52 (cont'd)

Toccata - Finale: Tema

Henri Mulet (1878-1967)

from Esquisses Byzantines, no.10

- Tu es petra et portae inferi non praevalebunt adversus te